Contact Lens and Prosthetics

All of our practices offer contact lens consultations designed to meet all of user needs. Our specialists will take all necessary eye measurements to provide the most suitable contact lenses with optimum fit. For new users we provide a full contact lens teach so that you can fit your contact lenses hygienically and with ease.

Our specialists can also offer assessments for patients with medical based requirements, such as double vision, kerotoconous and artificial eyes.

As well as offering all of our contact lens services to the public across our practices, we are also the provider for medical based contact lenses at the Charing Cross Hospital, where we have gained great experience working with patients with complex contact lens needs.



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Eye Care

The eye examination reveals important information about your overall health as well as the condition of your eyes. The eye examination reveals important information.

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Eye Examinations

We provide comprehensive sight tests and contact lens assessments and our specialists have access to the latest technologies to scan your eye. We also offer eye care services designed for patients with low vision or artificial eye and medical contact lens requirements.

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