Sports and Safety

We understand the need for good sight and comfort to perform well in sports and at work. We therefore offer prescription based safety and sports wear such as prescription swimming goggles and ski masks.


Eyecare products to suit every patient

We’re confident we have the eyecare product you want in terms of comfort, style and performance. Our products meet every visual need; offering the widest range of glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, specialist visual aids and sporting/protective eye wear.

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Specialist eyecare for children

Taking the greatest care of children’s vision

We cover all aspects of eyecare for children, from meticulous regular eye tests and a wide range of children’s eyecare products, to meeting special and complex visual needs. The NHS offer free sight tests for children and contribute to the cost of glasses. At Lauder and Rees, we ensure you benefit from government assistance in children’s eyecare.

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