Low Vision


All of our practices offer low vision consultations. These are designed for patients who are partially sighted or where spectacles alone, normally due to diseases, such as macular degeneration, can no longer help.

Our experienced low vision specialists will assess your vision and discuss with you your daily routine and hobbies to identify how they could be improved through a range of magnifying devices. We consider your ability to operate different magnifiers and electronic aides and will teach you how to use them to ensure maximum effect and comfort.

As well as providing these low vision assessments to the public across our practices, our hospital branches also work in partnership with Imperial NHS trust, where we provide patients, referred to us, with low vision hospital eye services on the NHS.

Across our practices, we have helped both the public and hospital patients to continue with hobbies such as reading, writing and watching television.


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Eye Care

The eye examination reveals important information about your overall health as well as the condition of your eyes. The eye examination reveals important information.

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Eye Examinations

We provide comprehensive sight tests and contact lens assessments and our specialists have access to the latest technologies to scan your eye. We also offer eye care services designed for patients with low vision or artificial eye and medical contact lens requirements.

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