All of our practices offer eye care services and products designed for children. Our staff have great experience in assessing neonatal and children’s vision. We have been the provider for children’s hospital eye services at the Western Eye Hospital since 2003 and have become well rehearsed in fitting children with special needs and complex prescription requirements.

Children should have regular and routine eye checks, just as one would take them for a dental check. We do not believe that it can ever be to early. Children can have an eye test well before they can read. The sooner some eye problems are picked up the easier it is to start to correct them.

All of our practices offer children and neonates general optical services on the NHS. This provides children with a free sight test and should they need glasses, a voucher to pay for or towards the cost of them.

We recommend a first sight test well before starting school with a recheck once a year, although our Optometrist might suggest in some cases a return visit in 3 or 6 months.

If glasses are needed we specialise in the correct choice and fitting of children’s glasses. We see babies and children from newborn and have a large range of frames to fit all children.


Eyecare products to suit every patient

We’re confident we have the eyecare product you want in terms of comfort, style and performance. Our products meet every visual need; offering the widest range of glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, specialist visual aids and sporting/protective eye wear.

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